Polairsoft Oy Ab (until march 2012 Politbyrå Ab with parallel names: Politbureau Ltd, Politbyroo Oy) is a software company founded in 2005 and specialized in business applications based on the .NET platform.
We find this platform giving immense opportunities for advanced scenarios and also exellent possibilities to pleasing and functional user experiences.

One of the areas of strength is the ferry-shipping industry for which we maintain and continuously develop a comprehensive crew-management system. We also have experience from delivering a revision-system database with web-UI for a major manufacturer of marine and powerplant diesel engines.

Recent .NET technologies that we have experience from are e.g. ASP.NET MVC, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Entity Framework, Silverlight (Rich Web-applications and Windows Phone 7) and the Microsoft Cloud Platform Azure.

For larger projects we also do co-operation with another company based in Vaasa Devatus Oy.

Of course we are always interested in exploring new areas and we are happy to discuss your needs and offer possible solutions.


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